5 Value Tips for DIY-ing your House during COVID-19

5 Value Tips for DIY-ing your House during COVID-19

First of all we would like to wish everyone to stay safe and take care of themselves during this pandemic, let's stay strong to go through this horrible global lockdown.

Feeling bored during lockdown and nothing to do? Our team, area of specialist with outdoor / indoor decoration wants to share with your some insights and ideas that could help you to add value to your home!

Here are 10 value tips that can be done safety and easy for your home during COVID-19 period that could add value to your home in a long run without spending a lot of money.

1. Get Inspired Online (Social Media)

Have you had thoughts about improving your indoor and outdoor areas but you did not have time or know what to do? Such as upgrading your kitchen, bedroom, or living room? Or wanted to create a better outdoor living space? Now is it the time to jump into social media and get ideas and inspiration for improvement projects such as Pinterest / Facebook / YouTube so that you will be able to steal ideas from others and make some changes to create on your own. There are a number of great home design website or people who shares their images of their home that you can use to get inspiration. Here are some images that we could share from our customers:


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2. Plan how you would design your garden and outdoor entertaining spaces

With a functional outdoor living space with mature tress is very popular, but how to create these spaces into a more relaxing environment might take years. So getting a start on this long before you want to plan and draft how you would imagine your dream garden and outdoor spaces would be.

Keep in mind when planning, there are a lot of popular outdoor living ideas that can help you to add appeal on your house including:

  • Well maintained, water efficient for all plans and easy to look after gardening
  • Mature trees (you might want to hang string lights to your mature trees to look more vivid)
  • Having a deck or patio
  • Build-In BBQ area
  • Outside dining area
  • Hammocks
  • Maybe a Fountain Kit to attract birds?

Alternatively, while you are waiting for any online orders, you could create a self-sufficient planning to how to best us of the products that you wish to decorate with. and of course, as a eco-friendly company, we would always suggest to use Solar-Powered products for saving money at the same time long lasting. 

3. Improving your entrance and pathway

Having a well-maintained, bright and secure front entrance and pathway of your home, not only makes you feel better when you walk into your property, but also safe, at the same time you could also attract buyers and add value to your property down the track. Here are some ideas to start with:

  • Cut back overgrown grass that may block the views of the front door and add some pathway lights to brighten up your garden or entrance
  • Trim any shrubs and bushes and remove any dead plants
  • Adding security lights with sensor to protect yourself and family for any thieves or unexpected guests inside your house
  • Ensure the number of your property is clearly visible from the street
  • Clean all your windows and remove any cobwebs

4. Impactable bathroom

Everyone love a fresh, clean bathroom. If you are thinking where to start, perhaps now is the time to start by cleaning your bathroom

Spend some time through deep cleaning, including the grout and add some luxury items such as fresh plump towels, and of course at this period of time that we could never miss, disinfectant alcohol after washing your hands.

5. Covert a nook into a useable working area

Rather than making big changes, use a fun way to add value to your home is to make your space that is rarely used before.

During this lockdown, we believe that many people are working from home, why not use this time to clean up your personal space and consider turning it into a comfortable area to work.

A final note

From all of us at Sporal we hope you and your loved ones satay safe and healthy and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. In the meantime we hope this blog would help and provide you some alternative activities to do while you are at home.

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